Children’s Lives are at Stake: Parents and Senators Join Together to Urgently Demand the Passage of the Expanded Child Tax Credit

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Senators Ron Wyden, D-OR, and Michael Bennet, D-CO, attend rally on Capitol Hill with parent leaders to demand Senate action

Parents have come to Washington to settle the squabble and provide families with the relief they so desperately need, says NPU’s President, Keri Rodrigues

April 11, 2024, Washington, D.C.,— The National Parents Union (NPU), the leading parent advocacy organization, descended on Capitol Hill this week with hundreds of parents in tow to demand that Congress do what’s right for American families. The days of action included a parent roundtable with United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and culminated with a rally on April 10 that was attended by Senators Ron Wyden, D-OR, and Michael Bennet, D-CO.

It was at the rally where the Senators and parent leaders made clear their call to action: Pass the bipartisan tax relief bill now and bring much-needed relief to millions of families.


Click here for photos of the rally and D.C. days of action

The $78 billion legislation, which passed the House by a vote of 357-70 in January and is now awaiting a vote in the Senate, includes an expansion to the child tax credit, which would benefit roughly 16 million poor children in the first year, as well as provisions to allow businesses deduct more of their expenses, thereby incentivizing greater investments in research and development as well as new equipment– a key driver of job creation.

According to recent polling from NPU, there is broad bipartisan support to expand the child tax credit, including 91% of parents who identify as Democrats and 84% of parents who identify as Republicans. Polling also found more than 3 in 10 parents with a household income of less than $50,000 currently struggle to pay for basic necessities.

“We came today to thank these Senators but also call on the United States Senate to make sure that we are actually voting on this issue,” said Keri Rodrigues, Co-Founder and President of NPU. “Both Republicans and Democrats, doesn’t matter what area of the country we’re talking about– there is unanimity. American families are in support of this child tax credit.”

Senator Wyden remarked, “We have the chance to do something really big for America’s kids, and a chance, finally, to end this outrageous practice of discriminating against big families. What Sen Bennet and I have said, we don’t see any billionaires waiting for this to happen. Kids first. Kids first. By the way it’s going to be tax day on Monday, wouldn’t it be nice to get a little help for the folks who really need it? For families who are walking an economic tightrope rather than billionaires. We’re with you.”

Senator Bennet added, “I’ve worked on the child tax credit for a very long time. I’ve been here in the middle of the night when tax cuts were expiring for the biggest corporations in America and this place somehow finds a way to do its job under those circumstances but can’t do its job when it comes to expanding the child tax credit. I think our goal should be to end childhood poverty, not just cut it in half. We should be responsive to this group of parents who have traveled from all over the country on behalf of their kids and on behalf of the parents of kids who couldn’t travel here today, because they’re working two or three jobs. That’s why NPU is here.”

More than 200 parents from 47 states traveled to Washington, D.C. for the rally along with meetings with elected leaders and thought-provoking panels on a range of education issues, including solving the literacy crisis. But given the urgency for the Senate to pass the tax relief bill, the expanded child tax credit was center stage.

Tricia McGhee, NPU Partner and Director of Policy of Revolución Educativa, shared, “Like many parents that live in this country, I make just enough to not receive state help. I work really hard, I have two jobs, I’m a single parent doing everything I can to provide my two daughters the education they need. When the tax credit came through, I was able to put my daughter who is dyslexic and has dyscalculia and ADHD in specialized tutoring. It was $500 a month that the year before I had to take on a third job to be able to afford. With just a little bit of support, I was able to find those educational opportunities that our school district did not offer her.”

Tafshier Cosby, Senior Director of The NPU Center for Organizing and Partnership, said,

“Restoring the child tax credit will mean less monthly struggle for families because it’s going to be at least some relief from the current costs of household items that they need to buy. Having extra income in your pocket is going to make a huge difference that will not only benefit families but children directly and the broader economy.”


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