The National Parents Union Issues Statement on Parents Placing Priorities Over Politics


November 9, 2022—Boston, MA– Keri Rodrigues, the president of the National Parents Union, released a statement following yesterday’s elections:

For parents, this election season was not about party or politics. It was about priorities.

Our recent polling shows that parents would vote for candidates that took seriously the economic pain that families are feeling and the deep concerns parents have over the future of their childrens’ education. This means focusing on issues that matter like learning loss and social-emotional support, not culture war distractions.

Those elected to office last night should make no mistake, this is not the time for paralysis or gridlock. It’s time for urgency and problem-solving. If we fail to address the critical issues facing this country, we risk losing an entire generation of children. The task is tall, but this is what we expect when we send people into elected office- work toward solutions or we’ll vote in someone else.

Now, let’s work together and start saving this country. Our kids cannot wait any longer.


The National Parents Union is a network of highly effective parent organizations and grassroots activists across the country that is united behind a set of common goals and principles to channel the power of parents. Our family advocates improve the quality of life for children across the United States and define the education conversation.