Tell Your Senators To Pass

The Crown Act


Since the very beginning, the National Parents Union has been deeply involved in helping and advocating for families when it comes to knowing their rights to finally end hair discrimination in schools and workplaces.

The CROWN Act is necessary to begin the process of eliminating racial transgressions that too often occur. National Parents Union polling in May 2021 found that a majority of parents (83%) support the CROWN Act—to protect public schools students and staff from discrimination based on race-related hair texture or hairstyle. It is incumbent on our policymakers to protect the rights of millions of Americans.

We are encouraged by the U.S. House passing The Crown Act and hope the Senate follows this political momentum that Black families deserve to feel safe and
respected. But we need YOUR help—reach out to your elected officials to thank them for passing the Crown Act and then contact your Senators and ask them to ensure this long overdue legislation is signed into law!