National Parents Union Statement following the First Presidential Debate


June 28, 2024, BOSTON, MA- The National Parents Union Releases the following statement following the first Presidential debate:

National Parents Union President Keri Rodrigues said: 

“There were no winners after that debate– certainly not American families. Both candidates were embarrassingly short on policy details and left us with zero confidence that we will be better off four years from now than we are today.

We are not going to be swayed by media coverage, political pundits or cute one liners, we are and will remain focused on the policies like the Child Tax Credit, Literacy for All, dealing with the climate crisis and ensuring high quality public education for all kids — while fighting to ensure that the voices of parents and families are heard.

And we will continue to keep the pressure on all candidates running for office and hold them accountable to deliver on their promises to America’s children and families.”



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