The National Parents Union Releases Statement on Deeply Irresponsible Burlington Vermont Mass Shooter Drill Involving High School Students

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JUNE 7, 2024, BOSTON, MA – The National Parents Union is deeply troubled by the recent events that unfolded with students from Burlington High School, where students were subjected to a simulated active shooter scenario without prior warning. The decision to stage such a distressing and traumatic demonstration in a classroom setting is unacceptable and has understandably caused shock and fear among students and parents alike.

It is alarming that the Burlington Police Department and school district failed to adequately communicate the nature of the presentation to students and parents, leaving them unprepared for the intense and realistic nature of the simulation.

National Parents Union President, Keri Rodrigues, said, “Simulating an active shooter with students who live in constant heightened fear of a real school shooting is deeply irresponsible and traumatizing.”

We call for accountability from the Burlington School District and the Burlington Police Department for their roles in this incident. It is imperative that they take responsibility for the distress caused to students and appropriately discipline adults involved who clearly lack judgement. Furthermore, we urge the school district and law enforcement to review their policies and protocols to ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future and that the safety and well-being of students are prioritized at all times.

The National Parents Union stands in solidarity with the students, parents, and community members affected by this troubling event. We demand transparency, accountability, and meaningful action to address the harm caused and to prevent such incidents from occurring again in the future. Our children deserve a safe and nurturing learning environment, free from unnecessary fear and trauma.


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