National Parents Union Issues Statement Following The President’s Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2025


March 11, 2024, Boston, MA– The National Parents Union (NPU) President, Keri Rodrigues, released the following statement after President Joe Biden announced his budget proposal for fiscal year 2025:

This budget represents a forward-looking vision aimed at reinforcing the foundation of support for hardworking American families and underscores a commitment to fostering an inclusive economy that benefits all. The focus on substantial investments in preschool, childcare, nutrition programs, and the restoration of the expanded Child Tax Credit is a testament to a strategic approach designed to uplift families and ensure a brighter future for our children.

The proposed enhancements, particularly in early childhood education and support mechanisms for low and middle-income families, highlight a comprehensive strategy that can significantly contribute to alleviating child poverty and improving educational outcomes. The emphasis on ensuring high-quality child care at an affordable rate, alongside the provision of universal free preschool for all four-year-olds, is crucial for laying a solid foundation for our nation’s youngest learners.

President Biden’s proposal to expand the Child Tax Credit beyond previous provisions presents a remarkable opportunity to bolster the welfare of millions of hard working American families, driving forward our collective effort to combat child poverty. This proposed expansion, averaging $2,600 for 39 million low and middle-income families, carries significant potential to achieve that goal. Given the bipartisan support garnered by the recent tax package in the House, we remain hopeful for unified action on this crucial issue.

Furthermore, the budget’s full funding of WIC at $7.7 billion is a heartening development, promising nutrition services for an additional 800,000 mothers and their families.

The 4% increase in the Department of Education’s budget, including $8 billion in targeted investments in programs designed to address pandemic learning loss and enhance teacher quality, reflect a deep-seated commitment to not only recovering from the setbacks of recent years but also to advancing our educational system to new heights. $40 million in increased funding for career connected high schools (now $1.5 billion), $50 million in increased Title III funding for English Language Learners (now $940 million) and continued commitment to increasing funding for IDEA entitlement grants to $14.4 billion signals the Administration’s willingness to center the priorities of American families in this year’s budget.

While we are encouraged to see many of these investments we are disappointed to see the cuts to the Charter Schools Program. This program has played a vital role in empowering communities to establish public, accountable schools tailored to the unique needs of students and American families continue to support the diverse and effective educational models like those fostered by the Charter Schools Program.

All of these investments represent pivotal steps towards building a more inclusive and supportive economy that can significantly benefit our nation’s families, especially those working hard to provide for our children. The transformative potential of these investments hinges not only on their timely passage through Congress but equally on safeguarding these programs from any prospective cuts. Congressional delays and reductions could severely undermine our collective efforts to support American families, leading to significant hardships for American families who are already suffering enough.

As we move forward, facing both challenges and opportunities, the National Parents Union remains committed to collaborative efforts that place the needs and aspirations of American families at the forefront. Let’s work together to ensure these critical investments are protected and implemented effectively, for the betterment of our families and the future of our country.


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