National Parents Union Issues Statement Following President Biden’s State of the Union


March 8, 2024, Boston, MA– The National Parents Union (NPU) President, Keri Rodrigues, released the following statement after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union:

“Last night it was clear President Biden put the concerns of families top of mind during his address to the American people. The president’s recognition that  rising costs are crippling many families  and direct demand for Congress to swiftly pass the Child Tax Credit, showcased a tenacious dedication to alleviating financial burdens on American households. This isn’t just rhetoric; it’s a call to action.

To remain the strongest economy in the world, we need to have the best education system in the world, and President Biden knows many American families are deeply concerned about whether their children will be prepared for the jobs and the economy of the future. The President’s call to address these priorities with urgency by providing access to preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds; expand high-quality tutoring and summer learning time; and recognizing the need to ensure every child learns to read by third grade is a tremendous win for the parents across the nation who have been struggling to be heard while too many have been sidetracked by ridiculous political distractions.

Every child in America deserves to read proficiently by third grade. We wholeheartedly applaud President Biden for his decisive stand on this national goal and reflecting the urgent need for federal leadership in addressing our nation’s literacy crisis.

With the National Parents Union “Read to Rise” campaign, we are fully committed to helping the Biden administration accomplish the critical milestone of having every child read by the third grade because readers today, we will be our next leaders tomorrow. For the last several years, we have been pushing lawmakers and schools across the country to adopt effective evidence-based reading instruction to provide all children with the tools to achieve literacy and love reading. The “Read to Rise” campaign will continue to push the envelope further and demand kids are taught by the science of reading methods and that teachers are trained to provide instruction that has proven time and again to be transformational for all kids—no matter their learning challenges.

Finally, we hope that everyone in Washington heard President Biden’s demand for Congress to take immediate action on the part of American families and pass the Child Tax Credit.  No child in America should go hungry – and hungry kids cannot learn. Congress must heed the President’s call and push forward with this common sense policy that is designed not only to help families and put them on a path toward economic mobility, but is a crucial part of ensuring that every child in America has the resources, funding and tools to learn and grow.

In both education and economic policy, President Biden’s robust leadership sets the tone for progress. We commend his fearless advocacy for the well-being of our nation and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of his initiatives on the vital pillars of literacy and economic prosperity.”


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