NPU President Issues Statement Following PISA Scores


December 5, 2023—Boston, MA– The National Parents Union President, Keri Rodrigues, released a statement following PISA scores, an international assessment that measures 15 year old students’ reading, mathematics and science literacy.

“The recent PISA results are not just disappointing, but downright alarming. US student performance compared to peers across the globe should be seen as a serious national security issue and a threat to American competitiveness.  While the world advances, we are busy celebrating our ‘improved’ rankings, thanks to others falling behind. Is this our benchmark for success now?

We’re not just failing to close gaps; we’re digging them deeper. It’s high time our policymakers and educators wake up and realize that without urgent, transformative action, we’re settling into a future where economic mobility remains a dream, and global competitiveness is beyond our reach.

Our children are being shortchanged in a global race where math skills aren’t just nice-to-have, but crucial for economic mobility and competitiveness. The risk? A future where American students can’t compete on the world stage. Enough is enough. The time for real change was yesterday.

Our ability to compete in a global economy is diminished every year that our kids fall further behind. We need real, concrete improvements to how we are teaching math and reading and we need to see it now. American students are falling behind their peers across the globe, we need lawmakers to act with urgency to ensure our kids are keeping up.”


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