ISSUE #6 — Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) pt. 4

Don’t Believe the Hype with Shirley Irizarry


ISSUE #6 — Social, Emotional Learning (SEL)

AUGUST 24, 2023


Welcome to “Don’t Believe the Hype” with Shirley Irizarry, where we will be bringing truth to light about issues affecting parents and students.

In this our final issue in the series about Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) we will debunk the myth that SEL is only for students with behavior issues. Not only is SEL for ALL students, there are skills and core competencies that adults can benefit from as well. Let’s face it, a lot of us weren’t equipped with Social and Emotional Intelligence skills ourselves!

SEL can be transformative for families and communities, while empowering educators to incorporate SEL strategies into their classrooms.

According to an article by Satchel Pulse, SEL can help decrease behavioral disruptions by equipping students with skills to manage their emotions and cultivate respectful relationships thereby the chances of misbehavior are reduced.

Once again, ensuring the success of SEL will take meaningful collaboration and relationship building among students, educators, school administrators, and parents! Don’t forget to continue this conversation by registering for the National Parents Union Townhall: Let’s Get Real About Health Literacy and SEL. Registration can be completed by clicking here!