ISSUE #5 — Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) pt. 3

Don’t Believe the Hype with Shirley Irizarry


ISSUE #5 — Social, Emotional Learning (SEL)

AUGUST 17, 2023


Welcome to “Don’t Believe the Hype” with Shirley Irizarry, where we will be bringing truth to light about issues affecting parents and students.

This next part of our series about the myths surrounding Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) will focus on the false narrative that “SEL is a distraction from Academics.” As students from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities suffer layers upon layers of trauma it is no wonder educators and parents alike seek additional support for students’ mental health.

Research shows SEL actually helps students build critical academic and life skills such as critical thinking, relationship building and coping skills necessary to improve students’ academic performance! However, in order for SEL to be successful, partnerships among school leaders, educators, and parents must be effective. Only through collaboration and a “it takes a village” approach can our students receive the maximum benefits from SEL.

According to an article by Michael Kaechele, studies have shown that when the core competencies mentioned in our previous issue are implemented, they lead to students’ academic growth as: “Self-Awareness teaches growth mindset pushing students to persevere through academic difficulties. Self-Management develops organizational skills which lead to quality work completed on time. Social Awareness exposes students to multiple perspectives so that they evaluate issues with complexity. Communication and collaboration of Relationship Skills empowers students to express their learning in writing and speech. Responsible Decision-Making enables problem solving of complex academic standards in relevant ways.”

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue this series and don’t forget to continue this conversation by registering for the National Parents Union Town Hall: Let’s Get Real About Health Literacy and SEL. Registration can be completed by clicking here!