NPU Statement on SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision


JUNE 29, 2023 — Keri Rodrigues, the co-founder and President of the National Parents Union, released the following statement regarding the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision. 

“Racism is alive and well in America as the Supreme Court has delivered a devastating blow to Black and Brown students.

There is untapped potential in communities across this country and inclusive college admissions policies have aided in cultivating Black and Brown brilliance in our country’s universities.

This decision is a travesty not only because it dismantles the progress we have made. It’s a tragedy because it will rob millions of students of opportunities in the future.

When we look into the eyes of our kids tonight, can we honestly tell them that we are making progress toward an equitable education for every child? This decision from the Supreme Court is the latest example of right-wing radical rollbacks of student freedoms and opportunity.”


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