NPU Statement on NAEP Long-Term Trend Reading and Math Assessments


JUNE 21, 2023 — Keri Rodrigues, President of the National Parents Union, released the following statement on the NAEP long-term trend reading and math assessments that were released today and showed another decline in scores in both subjects:

This fresh data is even more devastating – because these are the kids just starting high school and don’t have time to waste. Every minute that ticks by means we are losing more time to address this crisis to ensure we aren’t going to lose an entire generation of kids because of our failure to address this education crisis with urgency. Too many are content to ignore or explain away this data when the results are less than convenient – but if we’re going to reverse these dangerous trends, then school leaders better wake up and heed the call of parents who are screaming from the rooftops that their children need support, urgently. 

Our kids are not prepared for the jobs of today – let alone the economy of the future. The clock is ticking for schools to spend their once-in-a-generation funding to help address pressing issues like ensuring our kids can read and do math. Our fear is that far too many schools are squandering this opportunity to implement immediate intervention, personalized learning plans and high-impact tutoring.”