The National Parents Union Issues Statement Following the Expulsion of Two Democratic Lawmakers in the Tennessee House of Representatives


April 6, 2023—Boston, MA– The National Parents Union released a statement following the expulsion of two Democratic lawmakers:

For the past week, our country has watched as young people across the country have mobilized following the brutal murder of still more children in American classrooms. Once again, they summoned the courage to raise their collective voices to be heard by their elected officials – only to be met with pitiful excuses, silence and inaction.

While ignoring the cries of our children to take action after three decades of mass murder and violence in classrooms, Tennessee lawmakers were able to act in RECORD TIME to vindictively punish two democratically elected colleagues who had the courage and the audacity to stand with the children and families demanding immediate action to address the number one killer of children in this country – gun violence.

The expulsion of Representative Justin Jones and Representative Justin Pearson should strike fear in the hearts of every lawmaker –regardless of party affiliation– and every American who believes in our democratic institutions. This political and calculated attack sets a dangerous precedent to explicitly silence the points of view of the minority party and is a direct message that the American electorate does not matter.

The National Parents Union will continue to stand against those who attempt to hijack and silence the voices of our youth and families to advance their radical political agendas which ignore gun violence as a major public health crisis. The gun lobby doesn’t need protection, our children do.


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