The National Parents Union Issues Statement Following Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s Introduction of the Bill of Rights for Students and Parents

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March 10, 2023—Boston, MA– The National Parents Union, released a statement following Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s introduction of the Bill of Rights for Students and Parents, a resolution to advance an inclusive, aspirational, and affirmative vision for public education, created in partnership with the advocacy group:

“There are ways to write a Parents Bill of Rights that guarantees student progress and addresses the crises that our schools and families face across the country and that’s what Representative Suzanne Bonamici did alongside our network of more than 1,000 affiliated organizations in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico to ensure any document “for parents” would be created “by parents”.

We call on Congress to come together to find common ground on behalf of all American children and families and approve a Parents Bill of Rights that addresses the needs of our children and families rather than continuing to sabotage “parent’s rights” as an excuse to create division and distraction.

The previously introduced “Parent Bill of Rights”, HB5, completely misses the mark and has discriminatory undertones that distract us from the seriousness of this moment and the deep concerns that American families have about addressing our nation’s education crisis with urgency, which includes the safety of their children while at school and the urgent need for mental health supports.

Pitting parents against parents, parents against teachers, and adults against students does nothing to move us forward. We should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder for the future of our children, instead of continuing to go head-to-head and ensure legislation is inclusive of the perspective of all modern American families.”

According to Representative Suzanne Bonamici’s office, the Bill of Rights for Students and Parents is built on five pillars:

A well-rounded education: All students should be able to receive a well-rounded education that provides them with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

Authentic parental involvement: Parents and families, including those from diverse backgrounds, should be able to collaborate effectively and work in close partnership with their children’s educators toward the improvement of public schools.

Responsive and inclusive public schools: Public schools should be places where students and educators are supported and feel supported and where students receive the care and counselling they need.

Students’ civil rights: All students should be able to learn in environments where they can be their full selves and remain free from all forms of discrimination, including discrimination based on their actual or perceived identity.

Education and democracy: Public schools are integral to the building of a multiracial, multiethnic, diverse, and inclusive democracy. All students should be able to receive an education that is historically accurate, reflects the diversity of our nation, and prepares students to think critically and participate actively in a representative democracy.

See the bill here:

See the press release from Representative Bonamici’s office here:



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