The National Parents Union Issues Statement on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Decision to Exclude AP African American Studies Course in Florida Classrooms

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January 19, 2022—Boston, MA– The National Parents Union is outraged by the announcement of Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration to ban an Advanced Placement African American Studies course from Florida high schools. Make no mistake: This is a direct attack on the Black and all BIPOC communities.

NPU Founding Delegate and Publisher of the Black Wall Street Times, Nehemiah Frank, said:

“Within a week of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we see hate from Governor Ron DeSantis’ office, hate for children. But make no mistake – we will fight for the right of all children to learn the truth — and turn this into an opportunity to teach our children what it looks like to confront and organize against white supremacy — and win.”

DeSantis continues to look for every opportunity to use Florida’s classrooms as a political battleground for his national aspirations while the future of our children hangs in the balance. His continuous need to use our public education system as a dog whistle to the radical right does not align with the values and priorities of American families — who have said in no uncertain terms that they support giving our children a truthful and comprehensive education in a multitude of national polls and at the ballot box across the country in November 2022.

DeSantis continues to be a threat to democratic values as he abuses his power to dictate what Florida students can learn and think about. We stand with those ready to organize and fight back, this behavior is dangerous and should concern every American. We stand with the College Board as they continue to fight to offer every child in Florida the opportunity to learn about all history.


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