The National Parents Union Issues Statement on Lawmakers’ Failure to Include the Expanded Child Tax Credit in the Omnibus Package

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December 20, 2022—Boston, MA– Keri Rodrigues, the president of the National Parents Union, released a statement following news that the expanded Child Tax Credit will not be included in the omnibus package:

After reviewing the sprawling government spending package that is to provide $858 billion in military spending and more than $772 billion for domestic programs for the remainder of the fiscal year—we are yet again excruciatingly disappointed and saddened by lawmakers’ inability to prioritize children. The inclusion of the expanded Child Tax Credit in the appropriations bill, which would have pulled four million children out of poverty and would have been a historic moment of leadership, was completely left off the table.

Our recent national parent polling shows that 81% of parents, including 84% of registered Democrats, 81% of Independents, and 75% of Republicans overwhelmingly support reinstating the Child Tax Credit. This begs the question, does our government truly care about the plight of families and childhood wellness?

Make no mistake, as a result of this moment of failed leadership, more children will be hungry, homeless, and less prepared for the future. We don’t need more fighter jets; we need political courage to end child poverty to uplift hard working American families. This country needs a representative government that understands the economic anxieties gripping parents and does not overlook parent support policies. As Congress votes on the omnibus bill on Thursday—all we can do is hope that there is a leader with enough political courage to amend the omnibus to include this important provision for children.


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