New Poll: Parents Give President Biden Tough Grades on Education


Parents continue to be kept in the dark about how billions of dollars in federal education funding is being allocated


51% of parents are still not hearing much or anything about how the additional federal funding for schools is being used

Boston, MAA new poll released today by the National Parents Union, an education advocacy organization, shows 32% of parents surveyed give President Biden a failing grade for how he’s handled the public education response to the pandemic. Only 18% gave the nation’s leader an “A”. U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona also struggled to receive good grades from parents with 38% giving him an “A” or “B” and 44% saying Secretary Cardona deserves a “C”, “D” or “F”.

Among Independents, President Biden fared particularly poorly with 35% giving him an “F” and just 11% giving him an “A”. Even among Democrats, 9% gave President Biden a failing grade and just a third of parents gave him an “A”.

“This should be a wakeup call for Democrats in 2022. Parents are simply not satisfied with how President Biden and his administration have handled education during the pandemic, and until he puts special interests and politics aside and focuses on families, he’s going to continue to receive this type of report card,” said Keri Rodrigues, Co-founder and President of the National Parents Union. “Supporting families in their quest for a high-quality education should not be controversial. It should be a winning issue that all parties can rally around. Parents have shown they will vote with their feet, moving their children into schools that best fit their needs, and they will vote in elections.”

The new parent poll also found that if schools go remote only, 50% of parents say their children would have a harder time learning; 21% say they would lose income due to having to work fewer hours/shifts; 18% would face childcare challenges; and 13% say they’d lose or have to quit their job. Meanwhile, only 28% of parents reported having no issue with going remote.

Parents are also worried that if a school goes remote due to COVID, it won’t open back up this school year for in-person learning. The poll found 71% of parents share this concern.

Parents also continue to worry about their children staying on track in school (69%) and how COVID is affecting their children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing (64%). These have been two dominant and consistent themes since NPU began polling in April 2020.


Despite $122 billion being distributed to the states in American Rescue Plan ESSER Funds, 51% of parents are still not hearing much or anything about how the additional federal funding for schools is being used. And 55% of respondents haven’t seen or heard anything about their child’s schools receiving additional resources from the funding. But a majority of parents (57%) do believe the funds should be used to make bold changes in public education, while only 34% want to return to the status quo.

Last September, the National Parents Union launched a new initiative, Everyday Parents Impacting Change (EPIC), to provide families with resources to help hold school boards accountable for how they spend ARP investments.


Asked about the monthly Child Tax Credit payment, 71% of families reported receiving it between July 2021 and December 2021. However, now that the payment has stopped, nearly half of the parents who reported receiving the payment (47%) say losing it will have a major impact on their family’s financial situation and 36% said it would have a minor impact. Only 16% of recipients of the payment said it would have no impact at all.


Responding to the debate about whether or not schools should administer statewide academic tests this school year, 58% support using statewide tests to continue to assess how well students are learning, whereas 35% want schools to take a break so that teachers and students have one less thing to worry about.

1,000 parents of K-12 students

Field Dates: January 21-28, 2022

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