Parent Toolkit

Advocate For All of the Children in Your Community


How to Organize a Successful Rally

The fight is now and NPU will walk you through the ins and outs to hold elected officials and educational administrators accountable. NPU lays out the necessary steps to brainstorm a successful rally and what you should consider as we fight the good fight for high quality education for your child and for all the children in your community.

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How to Connect With School Administrators and Elected Officials

While you are building your seat at the table and fighting for a high quality education for your child, it’s essential to work with school administrators and elected officials. NPU will help you realize that what may seem like a daunting task is really all about preparation. Parents must identify the issue at hand, identify the right stakeholders and create a strategy around targeting and messaging to elevate concerns centered around fostering good relationships.

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How to Form Partnerships and Allies and Co-Conspirators

To strengthen and elevate your message, identifying local allies and co-conspirators is critical. Even more powerful is partnering with the right people across the state and country. NPU lays out recommended actions to develop and nurture partnerships, while activating a solid social media presence to garner both attention and influence.

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How to Write Advocacy and Informational Letters to Different Audiences

We want and demand action for our children! As we all know, persuasive and advocacy writing is no small feat, especially when you want to target elected officials. NPU provides a sample of advocacy and informational letters tailored to different audiences to both inspire and guide you.

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How to Organize a Social Media Group and Campaign

When organizing a social media group/campaign, it is important to know your goals and then begin to develop your group. Here NPU will walk you through the appropriate steps to create a Facebook group, build out a Twitter following, and create an Instagram account to attract new followers and bolster your social media presence.

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Publicizing Your Work: How to Reach Local Press & Media

If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

You’re doing amazing work to support families and children, but if no one hears you – press, media, elected officials and administrators – then it doesn’t matter. Your rally, protest, or townhall won’t have the impact you want — and more importantly the desired change you need for your kids.

Reaching out to the media with a press release will guarantee that your work will be heard and may potentially change the lives of those in your community.

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