Who We Are

About NPU


Our Kids. Our Voice.

The National Parents Union is a network of highly effective parent organizations and grassroots activists across the country that is united behind a set of common goals and principles to channel the power of parents. Our family advocates improve the quality of life for children across the United States and define the education conversation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support parents who have lived experience and are authentic voices, advocates and organizers who are engaging, educating and empowering families, neighborhood by neighborhood across the United States.

Parents trust and expect that education is the great equalizer and school systems of every type must be held accountable for meeting the promise of education for all students.

Statement of Values

National Parents Union Believes:

We believe, our children should always be at the core of our agenda in every decision.

We believe, there should be liberation, justice, and equity in education for all children.

We believe, education systems must be transformed to eradicate generational, institutions of oppression.

We believe, families have a powerful voice that should influence educational and political policies and practices at the local, state, and national level.

We believe, in order to effect change and strengthen families, we must provide them with the resources and opportunities to develop their talents and share best practices.

The National Parents Union was born out of the desire to connect together and to ensure that no parent or family will ever have to stand alone again.
— Keri Rodrigues, Co-founder and President of the National Parents Union